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The Swedish Association of Scientists is today one of the fastest growing trade union organisations. It is gratifying to know that more and more people are now realising the benefits of belonging to an organisation that is specialised in representing and supporting scientists.

The Swedish Association of Scientists has employees and elected representatives who possess extensive experience of the working conditions of scientists, and are experts in natural science education programmes and professions.

Professional development

For this reason the association can represent individual scientists in a better way. Our work involves typical union issues, such as salaries, work conditions and negotiations, but we also focus on providing our members with career support through large scale initiatives.

Our aim is to ensure that all of our members feel secure in their working environment and have the opportunity of professional development. The larger we grow, the more influence we have. We are currently pursuing an intensive socio-political programme to enhance the working conditions of scientists, and to support scientific research and education.

Our members

The Swedish Association of Scientists now includes some 30.000 university and college educated scientists. A large proportion are research graduates and many work in research and development in the business sector, universities and for authorities. We have members from all areas of the labour market, but customary fields of work include bio-technology and pharmaceuticals, IT & telecom, forestry and the environment. Our membership includes managers, industry specialists and many others.

The Swedish Association of Scientists is one of 23 independent trade union organisations in Saco.


Naturvetareförbundet newspaper, published from 2009, is the result of a merger of the newspapers Agrifack, scientists and forestry graduates. Members of the Association Naturvetarna get the magazine free of charge, by mail.